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Multivitamins – Enough is Enough

December 10, 2014

American researchers have come out with this fairly strong statement about the use of multivitamins; Most supplements do not prevent chronic disease or death, their use is not justified, and they should be avoided.

Firstly: Three trials of multivitamin supplements were reviewed and 24 trials of paired or single vitamins that were randomly assigned to no less than 400K participants. All-cause mortality, cancer or cardiovascular disease gained no benefit from the use off supplements according to the author.

Second: The efficiency of multivitamins taken on a daily basis to prevent cognitive deterioration was evaluated among almost 6000 over-64 year old men participating in a health study. The subjects were followed up for a 12 year period. When compared there were no differences between the placebo and multivitamin group in cognitive demonstration or spoken memory.

Third:  the prospective beneficial effects of a high-dose, multi-component multivitamin supplement was assessed in more than 1700 men and women with a preceding myocardial events.  No statistical difference with multivitamins compared with placebo in the recurrence of cardiovascular events after the 4.6 year follow up was found! Due to a high number of dropouts and poor compliance this study has its limitations

Folic acid, antioxidants and B vitamins are not effective for avoiding morbidity or mortality due to major chronic diseases; it is therefore no longer justifiable that any further extensive prevention trials are undertaken. For example, a vitamin D supplement, which may possibly prevent falls in elderly, actually increased falls in 1 trial, in most trials it had no effect and it reduced the risk for falls in some trials.

They believe that the case is closed— If you are a well-nourished adult you will be consuming the minerals and vitamins you need and supplementing the diet has no benefit and might even be harmful.



You can read the full article here

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