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Hip joint deformity due to overuse during adolescence

June 17, 2015

High intensity loading during adolescence (13 to 19 years) is a risk factor in the development of hip deformity.

CAM impingement (see picture) is an abnormal contact between the acetabulum

(the cup) and the femoral (thigh bone) neck/head.


Recent evidence suggests that the cam deformity is due to high cumulative stress with rotational force (sports such as soccer, hockey and AFL) during the growth face. It triggers extra bone formation leading to a cam deformity.

The finding were consistent; junior elite football (soccer) players have a high risk of developing cam deformities.

What to do? Reducing the number of training/match sessions to three or four per week, allowing a day off between activity.

Even tough it is suggested this group reduces their activities to avoid excessive loading, activity for adolescents is still important for bone development.

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