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The Basics of Bike Fitting

July 12, 2016

I think it is time to share some of the basics of bike fitting. Whether you ride a slick carbon frame, a more forgiving aluminium or a vintage steel chassis, it is worth setting your bike up optimally so you:

  1. Are more efficient – better aerodynamic position and better force application from your muscles to the drive chain.
  2. Reduce the risk of injury by obtaining the best possible joint alignment (knees) and lowest compressive forces (shoulder, spine and pelvis)
  3. Are comfortable for longer periods. Even without injury joints and muscles can get very stiff after several hours.

The combination of Comfort and Efficiency undoubtedly makes you faster!

Assuming you already own the correct size frame there are three key points where setup takes place

  1. The saddle (height, pitch and forward/backward position)
  2. The paddle (crank length and cleat position)
  3. The cockpit (length and angle of stem, height of handle bars and forward/backward position of the aerobars over the elbow pads).

The height of the saddle is often roughly measured from the inseam of the thigh and multiplied by 0.883 (the Le Mond method). This does not take into account some of the variables such as legs that are longer than torsos or riders with limited flexibility. There is also the style of the rider to consider (heel down or up, saddle slider, aggressive or  “tour” etc). This is where slow motion video is invaluable as it show the true dynamics during the cycling revolution.

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During a bike fit at Focus Physiotherapy, which takes approximately 90 minutes I will be able to measure, observe, video and discuss with you and decide on your optimal saddle, paddle and handle bar position. But this also depends on your goals, age, flexibility and experience! So having taken every aspect into consideration you get to test the new bike set up on the turbo trainer for a while and once we are both confident your new position feels good and appears effective it is time to test the “new ride”. Ideally you have some data from previous rides you can compare with.


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