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Articular Cartilage Regeneration

October 11, 2016

It is probably not a well-known fact the articular cartilage has almost no ability to regenerate itself after it has been damaged.

A promising development in the synthetic methods of biochemical processes has led to a gel made of the body’s own materials. The gel has a very specific viscosity so that it sticks to the joint cartilage as it gets injected into the joint with a special needle.


The gel attracts stemcells that would be the building blocks that allow cartilage to regrow. The gel has “sugar-like” (not protein!) ingredients that are the key to getting stemcells to stick. After passing the initial testing phase the product has been tested on horses with arthrosis and the results are promising. It is expected that the special copolymer hydrogel will be tested on humans in 2018.

Research by Prof. Marcel Karperien (Netherlands) into Articular cartilage regeneration

Watch more about this here.

Source:  1) Articular cartilage generation applying PEG-LA-DM/PEGDM copolymer hydrogels.


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