Physiotherapy Treatments
At Focus Physiotherapy we provide expert treatment and care for a wide range of conditions, to patients of all ages.
Physiotherapy Rehab
Post-Surgery Physiotherapy Rehabilitation
Focus Physiotherapy offers Post-Surgery Physiotherapy Rehabilitation to patients of all ages.

Women's Health
One of our physios can objectively assess strength, endurance and quality of pelvic floor with the use of real-time ultrasound

Welcome to Focus Physiotherapy

December 14, 2016

Why Put off Feeling Good?

Established in 2013, Focus Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on providing you with quality diagnosis and treatment options to achieve the best outcome in the shortest possible time-frame. How do we achieve this?

  • We listen to you, we make a difference and we educate you for a better overall outcome
  • Our premises has private rooms so we only treat one person at a time.
  • We are highly experienced physiotherapists with a passion for our profession.
  • All our physiotherapists undergo regular professional development to ensure our skills and knowledge are current.
  • Download Physiapp onto your device before your visit to receive your individualised exercise program.
  • We have a rehabilitation gym to assist with exercise prescription and training.
  • With your permission, we will liaise regularly with your trainer, doctor or any other practitioner you may be seeing.

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