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January 3, 2017

It’s New Year’s resolution time again.

According to a survey by of 1059 people over 2015, just over half broke their resolution at some point during the year with women (64%) more likely to do so than men (54%). 15% of people failed after three months and 40% after nine months.

Unsurprisingly, 54% of those responders who made a resolution chose to improve their health and fitness with saving money coming in a distant second (12%).

So how can you combine these two resolutions?  Get fitter on a budget?


Here are our top tips to achieve just that:

  1. Tell someone close to you about your resolutions.  Choose someone who will make you accountable and help you succeed.
  2. Find a reliable training buddy to keep you honest or join a sports team that depends on you.
  3. Ensure your goals are SMART:
  • Specific (for example, be able to run 5km or lose 4 kg)
  • Measurable (track your progress using apps, scales, xcel etc)
  • Achievable (set aside realistic time in your schedule to exercise regularly)
  • Relevant (choose an appropriate form of exercise for you)
  • Timed (set a timeframe)
  1. Manage injuries early. It is not always possible to prevent injuries as the body faces new challenges. See your physiotherapist early to get back on track.
  2.  Choose an app or three to track your progress such as Couch to 5km, Runkeeper, MapMyRUN or RIDE, Strava and Cardiograph which monitors your heart rate.  Share your results on social media with your friends to make them see your progress whether they want to or not.
  3. Mix up your exercise routines to work on different muscle groups and keep it fresh and interesting.
  4. Choose forms of exercise which do not require expensive new equipment purchases (although we do recommend a good pair of runners of course).
  5. Back up your exercise routine with a healthy diet most of the time. Save money by avoiding take away food.
  6. Decrease your sitting time when you inevitably return to work.  Many offices now have standing workstations and you will burn off 10-15% more calories per hour in standing vs sitting depending on your body weight.
  7. Decrease alcohol consumption – it’s expensive, full of calories and usually consumed sitting down.
  8. Be prepared to modify your goals if circumstances change without feeling guilty.  If you fall off the wagon, regroup and get back on.   This is normal.
  9. Start your program gently.  If you exercise four days in a row and then can’t walk downstairs you are going to be put off exercising for the next week.  Consistency is the key.

Best of luck this year and message us with your progress.

My resolution is to write a blog every month through 2017 so I charge you to track my SMART progress.


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