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Maximise your warm-up! Reduce injuries this football season

February 13, 2017


With football season fast approaching you might be thinking it’s time to dust off the studs and get into some pre-season training? Good idea! Now before you jump off the couch, drive to the local oval and dive straight into a game, you should consider one thing… An appropriate warm-up!dreamstime_l_38302251

Introducing FIFA 11+ (

Developed by sports medicine professionals and coaches, this warm-up program has been scientifically proven to reduce non-contact injury rates by 30-50%. The key to its success is the implementation of sports specific, dynamic exercises with a focus on neuromuscular control (or technique).

Neuromuscular control refers to the communication pathways between our brain and our muscles, with a particular emphasis on the coordination of different muscle groups to achieve the most optimal performance of sports movements and skills.

A good example of how improved neuromuscular control can help prevent injury is seen in the most dreaded sports injury, anterior cruciate ligament rupture. The latest research in this area has shown that poor trunk alignment during side-stepping, i.e. a tilted trunk toward the stepping leg, is a significant risk factor for non-contact ACL rupture. This poor trunk alignment is a failure of good neuromuscular control of the core, the gluteal muscles and the quadriceps.


The FIFA 11+ program includes an array of exercises to help stimulate good trunk control, amongst a host of other key neuromuscular patterns. If you are a football player or coach at any level I would urge you to click the link provided above and familiarise yourself with this excellent program. Incorporate it into your training sessions and you will see reduced injuries and even improved performance on the field!!


By Angus Tadman

B.App.Sc (Phty) Hons Class I

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