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Running Shoes – Flirt a little and play the field

February 23, 2017


It is a little overdue but my new shoe list (about 95 shoes) is ready. In the process of rewriting it, I noticed many types of runners have disappeared or have been rebranded. Nike no longer has a Free Run 3.0 or 4.0. They have been replaced with the RN (Run Natural) series and have Flyknit attached. Admittedly the Nike (and many others) range is very hard to negotiate these days. It’s a bit like buying a skim weak decaf with sugar-free syrup, although you probably won’t be judged on the shoe you buy.

Ask for Nike Flyknit and the question is returned instantly; “ Is that with Free, Low (or not) and  Lunarepic?” and “Do you want that Lunarepic before or after the Flyknit?” Honestly, I am not keeping up with the names. What I have tried to do is keep up with a variety of shoes and keep running on different shoes over various distances.

This is not a shoe review though! I’ll get to that in a year or so.

I want to encourage you to get different types of shoes!  Are you unable to break the relationship because you have a “wide forefoot “ or “I only run on Asics”? I think you can do better!

Shoes Stacked

There are some very good reasons to treat your feet to a few different pairs each week. I’m not saying buy a few pairs each week! Look at the occasion, what type of training, how long, is it raining, terrain? Or if this is a race; are we looking at a 5km or marathon.

There are hundreds of different running shoes on the market; many of them will fit you well.

Monogamy is not the way to go when it comes to your runners. You may have your favourite “boy/girlfriend” that you keep replacing with the next version, but being a player (runner) on different shoes can reduce the risk of injury and make your feet stronger.Running shoes12


Most running injuries occur due to repetition; straining the tendon or muscle in the same area constantly. Your stride changes slightly in each different shoe model which means your ground contact is altered. Consequently, muscles and tendons have to deal with varying loads, encouraging them to adapt and grow.

When it comes to finding a new (untried) shoe I recommend you get advice from your local shoe store as factors such as joint range of motion, weight, muscle strength, current fitness and running goals (race distance and surface) will all come into play when it comes to finding a new partner.

At Focus Physiotherapy we can help you decide, giving you some direction with respect to the support, stack height and the type of shoe.

The initial outlay for say three or four pairs of shoes can be an obstacle but remember the K’s on each pair will accumulate at a much slower rate, last three to four times as long.

A great place to pick up locally is Pace Athletics in Manly. They will be very happy to help and will usually let you have a short run whilst at the shop. Try before you buy, the best way to start a relationship!

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