Calf Injury

Suffer from calf injury no more

A sudden whipping pain in your calf – now what?  You could be dealing with a calf injury.  After a few minutes rest you may feel confident to continue what you were doing. Full recovery in this case occurs usually within a few days.

If you require assistance to walk you are unfortunately more likely dealing with a tear of some degree. Muscle tears can vary greatly in size, orientation and direction,  therefore any of these factors will determine your prognosis.  Full recovery takes between 4 and 8 weeks.

What to do FIRST?

Stop what you were doing as soon as you can and over the next 48-72 hours use the RICER rule.






This is all aimed at minimising pain and swelling. Ice is best used by applying for 15 minutes on/off and you can safely repeat this process 3-5 times. The best way to get compression over a calf is to use a compression brace or elasticised bandage.  In addition, elevate the leg above heart level whenever practical.  Refer yourself to a physiotherapist because the earlier we assess you, the more likely you are to achieve a smooth transition back to sport.


In conjunction with RICER you should also “DO NO HARM”.

Apply NO Heat, Drink NO Alcohol and take NO Anti-inflammatories.

NO Running and NO Massage to the injured area.

See your Physiotherapist

During these first days we will assess the grade of the calf injury in order to establish a clear plan. We have the expertise to reduce pain, promote healing and facilitate a return to sport without reinjury.   Muscles respond well to appropriate loading and consequently early strength training can be introduced early on.  The good news is that calf exercises are easily performed and are therefore adaptable to your home or work environment

Physiotherapists can unload the tissue in a variety of ways such a using heel raises, dry needling, strapping, a brace or even crutches. We can advise you on how and when to return to sport with success.

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