Bike Set-up

Bike setup and musculoskeletal screening

A good road or tri- bike fit is crucial to

  1. Be comfortable
  2. Be efficient with your energy
  3. Minimise the risk of injury

At Focus Physiotherapy you have a choice of three different packages.  HICAPS instant rebates still apply.

  • Sprint $170– The basic set up for the rider who is unsure if the seat and/or handlebar are in the correct position. Bring your bike, shoes and nics for a personalised set up to maximise comfort, efficiency and performance. It involves a full bike set up but without motion pictures or report.

Allow 90 minutes.

  • Olympic $240 – This includes a full bike set up with report and motion pictures.
    We recommend this package for those riders wanting a more in-depth understanding and record of the physiotherapists’ recommendations.

Please note: the report and video analysis take approximately one week for completion.

Allow 90 minutes.

  • Iron $320 – This premium package is best suited to riders who may have underlying injuries or are in doubt about their biomechanics during cycling.
    It includes a full musculoskeletal assessment, full bike set-up with report and motion pictures.
    A physiotherapist is the best person to assess you for any muscle weakness, joint stiffness and/or overuse injuries and whether these may be affecting your performance on the bike.
    Any injury or muscular imbalance comes with expert management advice including exercises where appropriate.

Please note: the report and video analysis take approximately one week for completion.
Allow 2 hours.

  Please bring your shoes and cycling nics and obviously your bike to your chosen session.

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