Clinical Pilates Reformer

We have a Stott Clinical Pilates Reformer in the practice. This useful piece of equipment is designed to improve your core muscle activation whilst minimising joint loading.  It consists of a spring loaded platform with a bar and ropes with handles for feet or hands.   Exercise can be progressed by changing your body position as well as modifying loads from the springs.

Why use a Clinical Pilates Reformer?

Research into people with low back pain demonstrates that specific stabilisation exercises are effective in managing many types of spinal pain (Maher et al. 2006).  It is especially useful for chronic low back pain, post pregnancy and disc degenerative conditions.

Pilates is not only effective for low back pain.  It is a valuable tool to exercise and challenge other areas such as the pelvis/hip, shoulder and neck.  In fact, we even use it for our patients who have had knee or ankle surgery.

Our physios can help you work out exactly which exercise is best for you and challenge your body in a safe environment.  We take into account your past history, current level of core control and personal goals.

When do we use it?

We commonly use our pilates clinical reformer within a treatment session. It also plays an integral part in our Core Class run twice weekly.  We can use it to help transition you safely into a larger group class at your local gym if that is your goal.

Once a program is well established and you can safely use the clinical pilates reformer, you may enjoy our cost-effective individual sessions.

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