Running Analysis

Running Analysis and Training Advice

The popularity of running has grown enormously and at Focus Physiotherapy we have heard your demand for a variety of information about running.

If you are after a One Stop Shop for running you are at the right place! With an Athletics Australia Accredited Level 2 Recreational Running Coach in our practice Ron will design you to a running program to help you achieve your goal. He can design programs for any distance around your timetable and answer your questions.

  • Which shoes should I run in?
  • Should I heel strike or forefoot strike?
  • Is my cadence too slow, normal or fast?
  • Should I run barefoot or stay in ‘padded’ shoes?
  • How do I remain injury free?

We have a treadmill and video analysing software to assess your running style step by step. Whether you just want to run faster, have recently taken up running or are unsure about which shoe is best for you, Ron has the knowledge, expertise and personal experience to advise you.

An optional video is available for your personal records on request for $25. It will contain your ‘before and after’ sections and stills to emphasise certain aspects of your technique. This 3-4 minute video will be sent to you in the form of a private You Tube link.

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Running Analysis
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Running Analysis and Bike Set up
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